SLY Single 14

SLY Single 14" Cocker Neon Green

300,00 DKK 500,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 09SL05
Lagerstatus: på lager.
SLY is proud to announce the release of the new 1 Piece Pro
Merc Dual Carbon barrel, featuring the use of carbon fiber technology bonded with a new slim back system. The Pro
Merc Single barrel utilizes a diamond
cut T6061 T6 hardened aluminum outer sleeve threaded to fit various markers, bonded with the SLY patented Dual Carbon tapered tip. The result is an ultra light weight solution to the One Piece Tournament barrel.


* Diamond cut 6061 T6 Aluminum threaded sleeve
bonded to the Dual Carbon tapered tip.

* Complete Matte and dust exterior finish, featuring contrasting accents

* Whisper quiet porting configuration and design

* Classic straight Carbon tip
offering the absolute in weight reduction

* Cutting edge sealant process
resists staining and etching effects of paint