Laysick 411 Pro Pants Black Large

Laysick 411 Pro Pants Black Large

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The long anticipated Laysick 411 Pro Pants are finally here, built and tested over the last 12 months by some of the top UK players.

They are built with the player in mind from the ground up so all you need to focus on is the opposition.

Some of the key features of the pants are as follows.

Purpose Built ID caddy on the right hand leg, easy pull and release system. never missplace your ID again

11 Squeegee/Fluffy pockets, not that you need to carry 11 but no matter what position you are in you will always find a pocket to put your fluffy back into

Write on Pocket Flaps, fed up of your team mates robbing your kit, never again will you have to worry about that.

Air Force full leg venting, keeping your legs at optimum temperatures is so much easier with the full leg venting system that has two zips so you can have it half up, half down, pinned in the middle its upto you.

Adjustbale and turn up hems let you wear your pants the way you want, long, short, baggy or tailored at the feet.

Adjustable waist with a velcro adjustable waist band wear the pants where you want and how you want, we also threw in belt loops for extra measure

Strech points, we know your going to be put in some akward postions try to post on that back corner whilst hiding in the snake so we have fitted areas that we know can be a little restricting with stretch

Check out the product images for more details.